Saturday, October 20, 2007

When Seafood Attacks

A few weeks ago, my younger sister Ivana was in town visiting.  My dad was out of town on a missionary trip, so we kidnapped my Mom and went to have have a little seafood.  You know the old joke... Seafood... Seefood? 

See Food?

I know ... I know, thats horrible.  The broccoli on Matthew's plate had mysteriously disappeared, and i had my doubts that he had eaten it.... "Matthew, what did you do with your broccoli?"  Well I guess he showed me.

Seafood Lunch

We had a great time... The kids got jacked up on black sugar water.  My mom seemed constantly amazed at the crazy things my kids would do.  As if there was some sort of divine justice for all the torturous things my siblings and I did in our childhood.


While my son worked off some of the sugar high by flying around the room, my little princess Megan tried to con Aunt Ivana out of some candy money.

Candy Money

Once the realization that this little girl was working the con, I think my sister was able to defend herself a little better.  Its hard to think that a sweet little innocent three year old would have such devious and deceptive intentions...

Sweet Smile

Amusing as the lunch was.... with good conversation with family that I love.  Sharing time with those we care about.  Amusing as all that was, the look of the smiles and my family... the shared laughter... who am I to deserve all these blessings?  My cup runneth over...


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