Friday, October 05, 2007

Friends Birthday

Before our little get away cruise, we got a chance to go to our friends son's birthday (Gabriel).  I think he was turning either two or twenty... I cant remember.  Probably due to my advanced years.

Cake Time

Well, a few of the kids wanted to play with the cars on the cake, but once they were put back ... and we rounded up the kids... we were able to properly celebrate and sing Happy birthday to Gabriel....  then they destroyed the cake.

Gabriel's Birthday

Of course, this was a huge party, and there were tons of kids.  Getting them all together was pretty easy once they realized there was candy and cake... and a pinata... I think that on the next party there should be some kid tranquilizers or sleeping gas ... or perhaps some riot gear, in case they get out of control again. 

Girls at birthday party

Of course the real master minds behind the chaos distraction was the girls... I am sure it was just part of their plans to get their hands on more candy than the boys...  We gotta keep an eye out for them.... their tricky!


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