Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Park Trip

Its labor day weekend!!!  And I guess this is the day we take a moment of silence for all that Labor lost...    We got a chance on Saturday to visit this huge park near my work.  It had a skate park in there.... and over 6 play sets with foam floor... this is a good thing so that I don't cry as much every time I fall off these crazy contraptions....  The play sets were big and spaced out.... and for various age groups.... But that did not stop us!!  We visited each and everyone.

Brook Run Park

Check out the pics!!  The name of the park was Brook Run Park (Sandy Springs).  We had a picnic and rode bikes... and some friends stood us up.... but thats ok!   ...but I am sure they will make it up to us.  We managed to have a good time, and no one was killed or hurt!!  (Especially me!!)


1. Briam said...

Park Woot!! :-)

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