Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wings of a Chicken

We got a chance to escape tonight for some relaxing wings at the nearby Wild Wing. Matthew right of the start was begging for wings... In his entire life, I have only seen him eat wings once. He usually just wants chicken fingers (or the like).


Now look into his eyes. This is no mere child who wishes to try something new. There is a cold steely danger in those eyes. Eyes that know what they want… and that won’t be denied. A look of hunger that goes beyond mere food cravings…
Everyone notices…. Megan and Sophia look at their brother, almost as if he were a stranger. Almost with fear…


The kids eat well…  Megan has her chicken tenders and macaroni and cheese. Sophia as well, but she tends to like those things that grow from the ground for some reason… maybe we can get her some help or some medicine or something to help fight this issue. Matthew eats like a mad man, and keeps asking for more. We have to cut him off eventually … before it is too late! Perhaps next time little man… perhaps next time.


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