Saturday, July 07, 2007

Weekend Past

Elmo, like a guest that won’t go away,... returns. I do have to hand it to Paola... very nice handy work. She does have a talent... And for the little boy who would enjoy his 2nd birthday, she has created a masterpiece!
Elmo Returns
Meanwhile, back in the bat cave: The kids quest for new forms of entertainment. Something new and exciting.  Sure they could probably play with the playground in the backyard, but that almost seems too easy. 
 Yay!      Yay
So why not take one of the beds apart and make your own slide?
Yay!     Yay! 
Of course its all in good fun until someone losses an eye…. [but not this time]. Well at least these little adventures help to wear out the rug rats. Making them more agreeable to night time and naps.
 Nap Time
Well although this is a common scene... it is not always the case.  Sophia has already started down the road to fame.  She tends to lean toward the rock and roll side of music.

Rock On!!

All in all, this is turning out to be a very busy summer.  The kids are running around crazy with no school..... for now.... and this summer is hot.  At least they do get a few days a week in swim class....

To the pool!

Who knows... maybe I will even be able to get a little sun tan on my pale white skin...


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