Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Anniversary : Eight

Eight wonderful glorious years of blissful marriage.  And here are the pics that don't really prove it... but we like to share.

We Chillin

Its good to reflect on ones life... as often as possible... why?  why not....  I will tell you why (even if you didn't ask)....


When we reflect, we can appreciate (or learn to) the good things God has given us... and on the bad things, we can work on improving or fixing what we can...  and because we are human... and we tend to forget...


We were trying to get away for a few days... but it did not work out that way, so we did the next best thing... we lined up babysitters for the major part of three days... and just went around doing stuff together....

Fish Market

We had a really good time.  But it was not what I would have called relaxing.  We did so much stuff...we caught some movies... we ate at a couple of cool places...  we went to the park.... we went dancing.... yatta yatta


One of the nights we ate at Nava with some friends... Tons of fun.  We also got a chance to go dancing at Havana club... before they tear down the Buckhead area.  Here is what I always wonder.... why do people always want to take a picture of the table with food?  That always just seems like an odd picture to want...


This picture.... I just wanted to posts Onofre (friend on left).  If you know Onofre... you know that he is a clown... and this is the most serious picture of him I have ever seen!

We We

So a great anniversary weekend!  But you know what... even if we had not been able to get away.... or get baby sitters.... I would still have been happy and grateful, because I am truly a blessed man.  More than I could ever deserve.


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