Monday, June 25, 2007

Friends Like Family

One of the biggest reasons for heading to California was to visit our very close friends.

After Church Picture

Diego (Dad) of course took one for the team.... or more accurately, is not in the picture because he is taking it.

Say Cheese

Here is Sophia and me with Maria Jose.  We have known them for years, and they have become like family.  Our kids call them Tio Diego and Tia Maria Jose (Aunt and Uncle).

Say Cheese!

When we all get together the time flies by... (not just for the adults, the kids play til the pass out).


Here is Mikaela and Megan dressing up like princesses... waiting for the prince to come along.... oh wait...

Future SpouseSophia Cube

So there is always some joking around that Diego and Megan may one day marry..    Its all in good fun... but as they get older... I think the joke is becoming more serious...  Also here is Sophia... not interested in boys yet (thank God!!) ... but very fascinated in the little Rubik's cube she has...

Horse Ride

I guess I should not worry about what may come.. and just enjoy the blessings I have at hand.


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