Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Flying to California

So a few weeks ago we took some time to fly out to California.  We had a great time visiting really good friends, and also some family.  (Yay Lili turned 2!  more pics later)

Megan on a Plane

At first we were worried about the flight out there... and due to a large miracle, things went great.  The kids had a blast... they loved it.  Here is a nice pic of half of my head.  I thought it would be best since I can't seem to keep my eyes open for any of the pictures anyways...

Sophia on a Plane

I think it was like a big game to the kids... waiting for the plane to pick up speed and take off... using the fold out tables ad their personal desks.... and of course the ever popular musical chairs.  At first I thought this would drive people around us crazy... but they all seem to smile at the kids... which means either they have kids and understand or they had a lot of little drinks from the flight attendants and they did not care so much anymore...

Matthew on a Plane

Speaking of little drinks...if you look closely.. .you will see that Matthew has not finished the bloody Mary on his table...

Very good trip... and very good flight with the kids (going and coming)...  I guess we really don't have much of an excuse to fly with out them anymore...  I guess they are getting older....  I guess it is getting easier.


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