Monday, June 18, 2007

Abuelos McDonalds

The Abuelos (Grandparents) from Ecuador was treating us and the kids to a little McDonalds Celebration.

Happy Smelly

I think we were celebrating the kids finishing school or something.. I dont recall.  This was before our little escape to California...  Well here is my beautiful wife, and me... non showered and early morning... 

Kids Heavy

I was a bit smelly but I was dressed to play... so into the McMaze we went... chasing each other around.  It was a hard reminder that I am not as small as I used to be...


...or maybe they are just making these things smaller these days...

Sitter 1

Paola and I had gone on a date last night... so our Sitter Cynthia was still over.  She is super cool.. and the kids love her to death.

Sitter 2

 Its very nice having her around... it gives Paola and I the little breaks we need to go catch our sanity... while we still have it.  The kids know that mommy and daddy need their alone time... (and boy do we!)

Say Cheese

Besides... nothing puts a smile on these kids faces like the 'healthy' food we get at McDonalds.... (yeah right)

Choco Milk

Well ok ... maybe the milk is not too bad for you...

Tube Run

The kids got to have fun.... we got a little break... The kids even called the grandparents to tell them thank you......   Gracias Abuelos!!! 


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