Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Yellow River

One place that always seems to be a lot of fun for the kids is the Yellow River Ranch of I78.  We had some family in town (Tia Karen and Cousin Liliana) and of course it was a beautiful day so Paola and gang, and my mom, and my sister, and everyone else who wanted to have a good time went to the Ranch.

Matthew Meets Deer

Megan is so cute....trying to feed the deer from a distance... while I think Matthew is planning on capturing this one to use as a pack mule.

Cousin Liliana

Here is cousin Liliana, cough red handed trying to help some rabbits escape.

Bag of Peanuts

Here is Sophia and her bag of peanuts.  I wonder how many of those she ate on her own...


....right about here I think the kids are thinking.... Turkey Sandwiches!!  If only they could unite and carry out their plans together...

Paola Scared

Part of the entertainment is not just seeing how the kids react to the animals... but watching how Paola reacts to the animals... 


Run Rabbit Run!!  Don't fall for that Innocent face... she is just trying to lure you into her trap!!

Happy Gang

And of course ... here are the people who had fun.... You may be asking yourself where is Briam...?  ....perhaps he took the picture..... nope...


Here I am ... and my beautiful smile.....  yeah yeah.... Where was I?  Well.... I had some problems at work... and had to work all night.... so I was just going to sleep when everyone was going out to have some fun..... maybe next time I can make it.  Well at least I got to see the pictures they took....


1. Mikael said...

Where oh where do you live where they have those ninja turtle pops?! I used to find them all the time from my local ice cream guy but they have disappeared. I miss them so.

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