Friday, April 20, 2007

Too Heavy

I would say its at age Five that I realized my little boy was not so little any more.  They grow up so fast... and start to weight more every day...

So you may be asking your self what this is.  Some might might say it is a measures of a mans worth.... or more accurately, a measure of a mans weight.  This my friends is one end of the towel holder/rack that used to hold up the towels.  I guess he is getting bigger, because one moment he is jumping up and down, the next he is trying to pull himself up the wall holding the towel holder/rack.

Father Breakfast At School

....just a few days ago we had Daddy Breakfast at the kids school.   I got a chance to hang out with my kids... we played a bit.... I got a tour of the classes, and we had some yummy breakfast.

Full of Food

It was Megan who taught me that day, that its not how good the food is.... its how much you can stuff in your mouth before someone takes the plate away.  And then, you sneak food from your neighbors plate until they catch you.  Wise one that little Megan.


 And then there is Sophia.... in this picture you see two extremes, a little boy with a pacifier, a teddy, and a blanky.....  This is the farthest that he stood away from the teacher, and that was only because she walked away quickly.  The other extreme?  most likely Sophia... Does not really need anything/anyone around.... can pretty much play independently...  Even on Daddy's breakfast day... she seemed more content to play play play....  I guess that was my gift from her. 


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