Monday, April 09, 2007

Clip Clip

...a couple of weeks ago.  One Sunday... tucked away in a back corner of our a little thing called Kids nursery  (a.k.a. Kid's Prison).... there is Chaos.... there is anarchy.... there is a lot of screaming.

Kid Prison

A tribe of sugar fueled little people rally.  They work themselves into a hunting frenzy.... screaming louder and louder.  There seems like very little can calm these savages.

Kid Chaos

I think the best bet is to divide and conquer... but you cant let them smell the fear... or they will eat you alive.  I separate three of the rougher looking ones with promises of candy...  But the ultimate plan here is to make them look a little more respectable.... and that starts with a nice haircut.

Monkey Bars

Luckily the hair cut place had some monkey bars to keep the kids entertained.

Clip time

The wait is long.... almost too long.  We almost lose control of the situation... but there are enough breakable items laying around to keep them entertained until it is time for the chair.

Mission Completed

Maybe it was the stern threats of discipline or possibly the tranquilizer injections we gave the kids... but we were able to get them all at least a little trim.... next time DUCT TAPE!!


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