Monday, March 19, 2007

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Some months ago I had posted a few pics from a trip that we had take to Fernbank last year... I was finishing up on some emails and I noticed some of the pics that my wife had sent out.

Non furry animals

....this is a picture of some of the wild 'people' that come to check out the Fernbank museum.  They may look nice and friendly ... just don't get too close.  Specially during feeding time...

Furry Animals

Sophia tends to love the animals the most... As if they are magical stuffed animals that she is supposed to grab and drag around...

Matthew vs Gator

Matthew tends to like the more dangerous items that may be fun to play with or strike fear into those around him... He also seems to think these would look cool if we had them at our house.


I did not get a good one of Megan, but we did have a bit of a scare as we ran around looking for Sophia who decided it was time to play hide and go seek without letting us know...

Off to see the wizard

In the end, it was a lot of fun hanging out with the family.  No one got hurt, or lost too bad.  I am not sure why, but this picture reminds me of one of the scenes from The wizard of oz when they are all walking down the yellow brick road....


1. Paola said...

For the people living here in Atlanta, or if you are visiting this is a small cool Fernbank museum. Not too long for kids,(around 30 min). and the best part: it is FREE, you just do a donation of any kind before you leave. It also has a planetarium I have not done that yet, babies are not aloud : ( I perfectly understood why. : )
We had a great time!

Anyways, it is educational and fun. Also, they have trails and a forest you could walkthrough with a long and a short trail depending on how much time you have available. Our kids really enjoy it. We had a great time!!!

2. Paola said...

I was checking your gallery. We have such a beautiful family!! We are truly blessed...I love you so much! ; )

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