Sunday, March 04, 2007

Park and Piggy run

There are few places that you can take to a truck load of kids to... specially this rowdy bunch.  A couple of weeks months ago, it was all we could do to keep these crazy monkeys in line.

Truck Load of Kids

We did take these kids to the park (in Riobamba).... of course they had a blast.  Want to see some more pictures?  CLICK HERE ...of course it was not all fun and games.  There was also food!  We went to a local pig roastery (is that a real word?)

Roast Piggy

On all sides, there are pigs cooked and roasted.  Each stand with a different pig is making a different offer... People walk in and walk around hearing the deals, and then they choose... sit in the center seating areas, and the food is brought to them.  The whole room smells of delicious roasted piggy goodness.

Mad Times

But what is this sad face we see on Matthew.... sometimes we want things in our own special way... and sometimes when we don't get it... we show our bad side.  Luckily he did not stay like this for too long.  He apologized for his behavior, and we were able to move on with our lives.


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