Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Taffy

In a little town, tucked away in the mountains of Ecuador there was this little village.  Not just any village mind you (why do people say 'mind you'?)...  Home spun taffy, made from hand picked sugar canes...

Sugar Cane

A couple of months back (when we were there), we got to see the process up close and personal.  The canes are cut... chopped... then put through a grinder thinga ma jiggy (This of course is the official name for this device).

Taffy Pull

When the 'stuff' is ready its time for the pulling.  They pull and hook the taffy over and over and over.  We counted, and its about one million times... roughly.

Cut and Wrap

Then comes the cutting and wrapping into perfect portions.  And finally the part everyone was waiting for...

Taste Test

...if candy can taste fresh... I guess this would be it.  The only thing I forgot to do was to ask if it was diet...


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