Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bahamas 2007

So... I am taking a break from telling the holiday story vacation... and that means time for another vacation!!  We got some really good deals on a Bahamas cruise... and how could we say no.  Besides, we know that our parents were just dying to watch our kids for a few days.

Cruise Dinner

(Well before the cruise pic above...) It was a nice relaxing drive to Port Canaveral.  We got there sooner than we thought, and got a chance to check out the port cove.  A nice little Sunday brunch place (on Thursday morning).

Captain My Captain

We were one of the first couples on the boat... and got a chance to chill, find our place in the world, and check out this boat.  Very nice... very relaxing... very quiet with out the kids... :-)

 Next day we hit Freeport Bahamas!


...and of course a lot of shopping...


The beaches were UNBELIEVEABLE!!  Clear green/blue water... soft white sand.


The first day there was just shopping around... eating overlooking the ocean.  A little beach and sun... some great food.


Day two we hit some more neat places.  It seemed like we were getting rest, but the days where packed fill of activities.


A short little boat ride to the platform...


...and Paola was off Parasailing... I stayed behind to guard her purse...  :-P


She had a blast...a bit pricy but well worth it.

Sunny Days

Then we went off to find some typical food... take a left at the giant sand castle (this thing was bigger than our minivan)


The sun was in full effect, but I think that I am doing pretty good at protecting my fair skin...

Sandy Smile

Typical Local foods on the menu... Crack Conch was a local special, and it was delicious.

Crack Conch

Several times the guys that worked at this place kept saying that Conch Salad was the bomb... and that "it will help give you more kids!!"

Conch Monster

So we did not try the Conch Salad.... at all.  Well we are leafing Freeport and heading to Nassau...Paola is at the gymn and I have decided to spend some time on my laziness...  I have been neglecting it lately.  More to follow!


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