Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Sky Bucket

Near the town of Banos, on the way past the volcano in Tungurahua, we ran along some winding roads.  To one side there was usually some nerve recking drop... and along one of these valleys ran a river that feeds into the Amazon river.

River Valley Near Volcano

The scenery was gorgeous.  So, the road eventually stopped near some little road side stands, and there was a Sky bucket that would take you across the river, high high up over the valley.  The sky bucket was a little scary... and you could see that with the winds it swayed a bit... I am sure it would be safe for 5 to 8 people...

Sky Bucket

At the other side, the bucket would take you to some jungle area.  There was some places to walk around at, and also you could see the famous monkey Martin... He seemed harmless enough.  There was also a creek/stream that feed into the valley, turning into a nice water fall to the river at the bottom of the valley ravine.

Packed Bucket

We went with Paola's uncle and a bunch of the cousins and their kids...  Click on any of the pictures or HERE to see more pictures (and the monkey).  You will also be glad to know that we made it back safe and sound.... at one point the guy controlling the bucket stopped it right over the middle of the ravine... so we could take some pictures...  This abrupt stop was a bit startling to some of the adults, but the kids did not seem to mind it at all.... I wonder if they had insurance...


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