Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Tungurahua

From Riobamba we were just a jump skip and a small car ride to Tungurahua.  Last year, this was the Volcano that erupted last year.  Here is a picture of what it looked like last year.

Tungurahua 2006

The area had started recovering, and the people were back to their lives.  This is what it looked like in December 2006.

Tungurahua Dec 2006

They say it is not the destination, but the journey.  I find myself saying that a lot...  We had a great time driving through the beautiful country side, through the little towns.  It is not until you get right up unto the volcano that you start seeing the ash buildup (near the river bed) and where the lava poured down the mountain.  I put together some of the pics from the journey in a little gallery.  Click on the pictures or HERE to go there.

Trip to Tungurahua


1. Paola said...

Riobamba, one of my favorite places. We used to pack and go there for months of vacations once school year was over. We had so much fun with our cousins there. My uncle loves adventures so we went fishing, to the country to pick apples, to the rivers, to the little towns, to Banos, where the volcano is. And so many memories of wonderful times while growing up. Riobamba is a small city, where everybody new each other. They have the festivals in April and we had a blast every April. They had parties, festivals, fairs, rodeos, it was so much fun. Life was pretty cheap, people were super friendly and food was very good. Especially the roasted pork I would kill for that. It was so delicious, not just memories, it was really good for real. Well, it is a special place for me. And it was so cool to go back with the family and show some of the areas to them. My family there is very nice and love to have people over. I miss them!

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