Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Riobamba

Sorry for the delay.... crazy week at work.   (well... I still have a lot of pics to catch up here goes)

So we survived the bus ride... a very memorable bus ride.  And we were there:  Riobamba.  We stayed at Paola's Uncle's house with some family... and one of the first things we all noticed were all the Christmas decorations all over the house.

Riobamba : Nativity Scene

My son stood in awe at all the lights, and ornaments... he stood there looking over everything as if we had wondered into a Christmas store.  I noticed that he also lingered too long staring at the natvitiy scene.... and I thought we would have another accidental nativity death on our hands.  I would have to keep my eye on him very carefully on this trip...

Christmas Decorations

More Santas than you could shake a stick at... but that also meant more things my kids could break.  I was glad that there was actually very little destruction, but I think that was due to the fact that there were so many other kids for them to play with.... if there had not been, I think we would have spent more time there looking for replacement parts...

Riobamba Kids

I guess it does not matter what part of the world you go to... kids will be kids... You would think they had a special code... or something.  They all went straight to playing as if they had known each other for years...  Maybe they know something we dont...

Sophia Snooze

The best part about visiting places that have other kids.... is that they play so much they wear our kids out.  Running playing.... whatever... in the end, it means that Paola and I get a little more rest time...

Riobamba Christmas

Riobamba is in the mountains... Its a bit cooler... and a stones throw from several spots we were going to visit (which I will have to post about later)..... valcano.... parks.... mountains... Pig Roasting Market... 

...if you look closely enough at the last picture... you will notice my red face.... this is not embarasment... this is me recovering from my beach "lobster" burn....


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