Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Beach II: Feel the burn!

After day one of fun in the sun .... I was red... it usually takes a couple of hours for the red to show it self.  I guess this is where I am supposed to have a picture of my redness.. 

But oh well, since I was taking most of the pictures, there is not a good one of my redness.  But don't worry, on the second beach trip (the second burning), there is a good one with Lobster Briam!

Xavier and Family

(This is what it looks like when you take a picture of a picture)

Well, we survived the first day out there.  None of the kids were killed... or lost... or imprisoned.  They all played enough to wear themselves out and give the parents a small break.  The second day we spent a lot more time out and about.  The morning was all beach time.

Beach Coco

we got there early so we could have one of the shade huts... and all the home town services where everywhere.  We took a couple hundred pictures... (Matthew took a few of my feet which made it to the editing room floor).  Out of all of those, there were a good 75ish, so I created another Gallery. (Click HERE or on any of he pics in this post)

Xavier and Sophia

One thing that surprised us was the number of vendors that comb the beaches.  We bought some coco-nut services... jewelry... shirts... shorts... baskets... beers... all from the comfort of our shade refuge.

Megan and Maria Daniella

I think the ice cream visit was the same day (or the day prior), but those pics are also in the gallery.  The company that rules all ice cream in this land with an iron fist is called Pinguino! (Penguin).  It never ceases to amaze me.  The universal power of ice cream to resolve all problems and bring all kids (irregardless of origin) together.

Paola and her Ceviche

Since this is a coastal country (mainly), there is plenty of seafoods (and specialty sea foods) everywhere.  One of the dishes I prefer is Ceviche de Camaron.  This is like a Shrimp soup/cocktail.  Very delicious.  My wife has had a long list of home style Ecuadorian favorites that she has been crossing off since before I got here.  If you notice the pictures where she is eating/drinking... you will see the shear delight she takes in enjoying her favorite foods.  If you know Paola, you know that people enjoy watching Paola eat... just to see the passion in a simple meal.


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