Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Beach I: Clear Water

Ah, ... still not even close to catching up on the posts.  (Today is Paola's birthday ... and I will have to post about that later... much fun... and her birthday party is tonight!)

Paola's Friend

This trip has been one of the longest vacations that I have ever taken in my entire life.... (next to those years where I really did not work at all...and pretended to go to school).  Paola (and family in tow) has gotten a chance to see tons of friends and family that she has not seen in years.  Every day there are errands... visits.... lunches... dinners.... all involving friends and family.  In the few short weeks here I have been introduced to so many people that it makes my life seem quiet (and peaceful) in comparison.  I now suspect that Paola knows every person's name in this country.


Well any-who.... We were off to the beach.  Paola's brother (and wife and kids) invited us to their beach house.  We were just going for a couple of days, but day one of course was just getting there ... and making the plan of attack.  The kids of course wanted to go to the pool while the 'adults' planned.  Above is Maria Daniella and Megan showing of the latest swim apparel.

Briam Pool
Paola Pool

Here we have all the kids enjoying their pool side transports.  There are a bunch of pics, so I just picked a few and added it to another gallery.  Click HERE or on the pool pictures to go to the gallery.


1. Paola said...

We had so much fun with my brother and his family. Living in States does not aloud me to share much with my newphew and nieces, so we took advantage of every chance we had, and always had a very nice time. I loved seeing all the kids play together.

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