Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Birthday

Ah yes... here we are in 2007 and I am no where near caught up on the pics from this vacation (that we are still on).  Before Christmas we did get a chance to go to one of our cousins kids first birthday party.

Grumpy Matthew

Here is grumpy Matthew... we were early (which is a very rare characteristic not found in most Spanish genetic build up).

First Birthday

First birthdays are a big deal in these circles.... clowns ... games... face painting... food.... more food.... cake candy!!  That is exactly what we need for the kids.  Sugar with some sugar on top!!

Sugar Bomb!

But what goes up must come down... down hard like a plane crash!  This kids spazed out for an hour or two after all the food and sweets.... games and running around.  Matthew was a little sweat ball from all the activity.  Sophia crashed hard on the way out..... like a sack of potatoes we had to carry her out of there.  Megan ate so much she had to go purge a little... sometimes its good to know your limits... and I guess this is how they start learning them.

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1. Paola said...

This was my cousin's baby birthday party. He was turning one and the grandparents were celebrating since they also live overseas, in Seattle if I remember well. It was a colorful and fun party. Full of games and prizes. Matthew and Megan LOVED THE FOOD, that they could order as they wished. That was hard for us to control, since they had the cotton candy people, and the churros, mini hotdogs and mini burguers for all the kids to have AT ANY TIME!!!! Imagine how much they ate, especially Matthew and Megan. After the party we went to the beach for a wonderful weekend. That was relaxing!

2. Mary Rice Harman said...

I love the pictures!!! It seems like you have traveled to many beautiful places, Where are planing to go next?

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