Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Cousins

A couple of days ago (before Christmas) we got a chance to go check out Paola’s younger brothers new house.  They had just moved into that house in the last couple of days, and we went to kick it old school!


Xavier and Sophia


Xavier is Paola’s younger brother.  Lucy is Xavier’s wife.  They have two lovely daughters, Maria Daniela and Maria Paola. 


Kids and Cousins


We are lucky because the kids all get along really well... like roaming packs of wild gangs from the Bronx.  They play for hours and barely destroy any furniture... well at least not the easily replaced ones...  Luckily, Xavier and Lucy are still moving in with all their stuff, so there are less things for the kids to destroy.


Megan and Maria Daniela


Xavier (and Gang) have come to the states a couple of times to visit, so we have gotten to see them from time to time and also to see their kids grow.  Xavier and Lucy are going to have their hands full when these girls hit their teens! 


Paola and Xavier


Can you see the family resemblance? …and if you look closely you will see Sophia sucking her fingers   …that has got to stop!!  Wonder where she gets that from?


Paola and Kids


These pictures are before we headed to the beach (Salinas) with them… and I had yet to taste the wrath of our merciless sun on my fair skin!! 


Rock Stars!


But these kids are ready…. (this is at Abuelo Humberto and Abuela Isabel’s house)  Ready for the sun and the fun…


Rock Star!


How the kids are growing.  They are mastering the mixture of Spanish and English with a good division of what to use with who.  We keep at it.  Asking them to say things in Spanish and English…. And in complete sentences…. And please… and thank you…and put the knife down...


Matthew and Sophia Chillin


…they say that the constant reminders pays off…most likely only like 2% or 3%   I am sure that it will … (hopefully sooner than later…)


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