Friday, December 29, 2006

The Banana

Of Bananas and kids… Very much like people… bananas come in all shapes and sizes.  Well, ok … maybe not to such a level of differences, but there is one here that you don’t see very often.


Megan Banana


Well, in case you did not know, a couple of Ecuador’s biggest exports are bananas and flowers…a flower is a thing of beauty…. So I guess I should focus on the bananas: King of Comedy slapstick


Matthew Small Banana


These small bananas are called “Oritos”…a very small and very sweet mini banana... but as the kids like to call them, “baby bananas”.  Of which of course no adult is supposed to eat.. ever! I was told by my all knowing wise three year old daughter.  I know I have seen some of these before… but for the life of me I can’t help think they are part of some dastardly evil plan involving a mad scientist and the testing of a shrink ray…


Happy Megan


…or perhaps I am just paranoid…and its all part of natural selection, in where the smaller sized bananas were able to survive their hungry monkey like predators by being to small to see???


Coke Light


Ok… maybe that’s just crazy talk.  Check out this two liter bottle of Coke Light.  The subtle fact that just the shape and name is slightly different is enough to amuse me hours on end.


Megan Eats


Irregardless (I love that word) of the food, size, names, etc… one thing is for sure… our kids love to eat.  Does that come from Paola’s side of the family or mine? … most likely both...



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