Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Arrival



The plane trip really did seem uneventful.  I finally did start reading that book that I was not able to start at the airport.  I guess once I was locked into a moving plane with no escape… not much else I could do.  It’s a really great book by Stephen King … a book he started back in the 70s … and just finished in 2003+  “The Gunslinger” Series  Have I mentioned that I have not read a book for leisure in over 10 years?  Well, before I could even finish my book, we were there… another country, on the other side of the planet.  Ecuador!  It’s a very different world and culture that never ceases to amaze me.  I have been to Ecuador several times, years ago, but this was the first time that I had come since the new airport opened up.  It’s all new and modern, very nice.  The older airport, you had to climb down from the plane on the portable stairs, and walk to the terminal on the runway (which was kind of neat).


Briam Beard


My wife and her brother picked me up, and it was like I had not seen my wife and kids in months.  The kids had stayed at home sleeping, since it was a late night arrival.  I had the urge to wake them up, but of course that was crazy since it was almost one in the morning.  Since my wife and kids had left (a couple of weeks ago) I had started to grow a fuzzy beard.  Not the cut one that I normally wear, but she did not really notice.  She kept saying that I looked different, but could not put her finger on it.

Matthew and Sophia getting ready.


Of course we were all beat when we got to the house, we chatted for a little while, but we had to get some sleep.  The little angels would be up bright and early to make sure that I was not accidentally getting any rest.  We can’t have any of that on vacation…


Matthew and Megan


The kids were all very excited that I was finally there… most likely they suspected that I had secretly been getting rest and quiet…. (and they were right).  But that was all over now.  It was time to have fun (and tired times) with the family.  

The kids were all so excited about the little school they were attending this week.  They were having so much fun with their new little friends, and also with the Christmas play that they were going to put on in a few days.


Megan getting ready.


The school was putting on a Nativity scene.  Megan was going to be a little star and Matthew was going to be one of the shepherds.  Sophia, of course was going to help supervise while eating as much candy and junk food as her little stomach could handle.


Sophia getting ready.


It is so good to see Paola and the kids again.  I did not think I was going to make it.  I don’t think I ever want go without them for that long again… (or at least until they drive me nuts)…

I could have used a little more rest before the kids woke me up…maybe tomorrow will bring a little more rest, but ‘All signs point to no”


Matthew is a star!


So much to post… and time is flying.  Paola already has the days filled with activities that are a MUST… Family…. Friends… food…. Parties…. Plays…. Food…. Beach…. Food…. Sunburn….food… mountains… food…. Volcano…. Food… giant tralantulas... food.... burning 'the old man'... You get the idea.





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