Friday, December 22, 2006

The Flight

The time had finally come… it had seemed like months that I had not seen my family…. My beautiful wife… my wonderful little angels (fallen)… The closer the day came… the more I thought about them.  My life seemed a lot different these past few days… Everything I planned was happening on time… where before, we could not be on time to save our lives.  Everything that I cleaned around the house stayed clean, where before, there was no way to catch up to the mess left by our three mini tornadoes.   …and the quiet!  Oh the blissful silence that filled the house.  I kicked on some tunes every now and then…. It was nice…   I put on some Christmas music…. It was nice… for awhile.  After some time (who knows how long) it became a haunting curse.  This giant house was now just a huge clean quiet museum.  It was maddening…. How I started to miss the noise of my family…

Who is this? 


So the journey begins!  I did get a chance to see my parents for lunch before I left.  My Dad took me to the airport.  The last couple of days it had started to dawn on me that this would be the first Christmas/New Years that we had ever spent outside of the US in countless years (I can’t count very high).  Who is this lady in the picture?  I think she is some famous actress that my generation does not remember…


Well any who…. After a quick check in…. and a quick tran to my terminal, there I was…. In my seat in front of this picture on the wall.  On the international terminal…. Waiting.  Just a few hours till boarding….


Giant Carrot


Time seemed to slow down…. Almost stop.  And of course I knew the cause.  That cursed carrot was mocking me… delighting in my torture.  Delighting in prolonging my waiting and suffering.  I knew I had to fight back… but how?



Nutrition….. Time to eat!  Nothing says health and prosperity like an airport hot dog.  No skimping here… I even had two packets of ketchup to splurge on it.  A nice cold diet Pepsi to wash it down… I guess my real goal was the expectation that I would finish my meal, and magically the time to my flight would disappear.  I had tried reading a book… but every other paragraph lead me back to the clock on the wall… I felt like I was in the movie “Ground Hog Day” except for it was “Airport Day” …. And it wasn’t the day repeating… it was these last few hours.


Sing Song


I had started to lose hope… as if the plane would never arrive… but then I heard the sweet soothing sounds of Christmas carolers…. In the Airport?  At that point I knew that my hot dog must be tainted.  Spiked!!  Who knew what elicit drugs where causing my delusions.  The paintings on the walls were talking to me… the carrot was mocking me… the food was yummy (for airport food)…. And now Carolers going terminal gate to terminal gate singing Christmas songs????  Surely I was on the brink of madness!


Flying Corn


Well… maybe the madness has always been with me.  But my time was up.  All aboard!  I got on my flying corn plane and headed out to Ecuador.  I asked them if there was going to be a meal and a movie… and sure enough … “Children of the Corn”, corn bread, corn flakes, and pop corn.  :-P


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