Saturday, December 16, 2006

A mile in my shoes.

Well.... the madness is setting in.   I dropped my wife and kids at the airport last week.  This is the longest we have ever been apart.  I miss them something terribly.  They are in Ecuador at my in-laws.  The kids are having a blast and playing a lot with their cousins and uncles and grandparents ... oh my.  Paola is also having a blast (its a bit hard with three kids... but she has some help now).  She is getting to see old friends and family that she has not seen in years.

I don't get to go out there to visit for a couple more days... but it is starting to seem like a lifetime.  There is an old saying ... "...distance makes the heart grow fonder..."  At first I kept super busy with all the stuff I had to finish for church and work... and around the house... and saying 'goodbye' to friends....  but now that I am almost all ready, I have time to focus on the silence in my home, and all I keep doing is replaying memories of my family.  You start to forget all those little things that drove you nuts.... the mess the kids make... all those things we take for granted.

Mile in my shoes

Technology today helps to make the world seem smaller.  I do get to talk to my wife and kids almost every day.  Her parents have a Internet phone thingy that lets us call them for free....  and on top of that.... theirs email....every day....   Its almost like they are just at a friends house or something...


I thank God everyday for my wife.... my kids.... my family.... my friends ...and all the blessings He gives us that we don't deserve.  Its times like this that remind me,... its not about 'stuff'.  It does not matter so much what we have.... but who we spend our lives with.  I miss them so much, that if I think about it too much I get chocked up.... (guys are not supposed to hint that they might possibly ever think about maybe crying.... maybe)

Family Time

Well, the thing that has helped me out is knowing that its only a few more days away till I am back with my family...


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