Friday, December 15, 2006

Thanks Giving 2006

Last month there was a thanksgiving family/parent thingy at the kid's school.  Full of Indians and pilgrims.  Paola and I both got a chance to go, and through the wonders of modern digital photography, this glimpse back in time to the first Thanks Giving was captured.

Pilgrims versus Indians

Not only that, but they all lined up for us... All the kids participated, and there was  nice little play/song/dance(?) they put together for us.  I am sure this will be the next big hit on Broadway.

Indian Arts and Crafts

Well the Indians did not keep their 'gear' on too long, and soon they were released to sit at the assigned seats.  They brought with them their arts and crafts.  I thought that I would buy some stuff with beads and nick knacks, but this little Indian wanted real $$ for this hand crafted genuine piece of American History.... and of course I could not say no.



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