Sunday, October 15, 2006

How Sweet It Is.

That oh so familiar sound.  The simple chime mounted on a van.  That simple tone that you can't confuse for any other....  The song of the ice cream truck.

Ice Cream on wheels

Matthew had been saving his coins for some time..... he thought it was an eternity.  Several times he had come to me with coins in his spider-man wallet asking ", is this enough to buy an ice cream?"  Megan and Sophia take the easy road, they just smile and give me that sweet innocent smile they know that I can no resist....

We are now in October... and the weather is getting colder.... I think that the ice cream truck visits will be far and few between.  But not all sweets come with a theme song...

Yummy Chocolate Goodness

The sweet taste of chocolate pudding.... can put a smile on anyone's face.  Either that or Megan is putting on a fake mustache to fool the paparazzi.  You never see broccoli putting a smile like this on anyone's face.


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