Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bear and Snake

 If you could not tell, one of Megan's favorite colors is pink.  She says that pink is the color for a princess.  Here she is ready for school.  This would be a very special day filled with animals. 

Megan going to school

 ...and by animals, I mean that Megan made a bear at school.  Yes a bit frightening, but we must all face our fears.

Megan and the bear

 Meanwhile, Sophia was being attacked by a giant snake monster.... a vary rare but colorful species of toothless snake!

Sophia and the Snake

 Look at the fear in her eyes.... no one wants to be eaten by that crazy snake.... so its time to call in the hero.  Well ok, maybe the hero in training.  Matthew to the rescue!

Mathew saves the day

 The battle was fierce and lasted a long time.  Almost five whole minutes.  But in the end the kids escaped and all was good.

Crazy Matthew

The only thing that scares me now is that crazed look on Matthews face.... like I am next! 


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