Tuesday, August 08, 2006

School is in Session

....so school is back in session!  And what a relief.  Well at least it does give my wife a little break in the day so she can recover from their craziness.  We all react different to things that excite us. 

Matthew celebrates with some jumping around and screaming for joy....


Megan wants to get all prettied up for the occasion...


Sophia is just in shock over everyone making a big deal...

Just waiting...

I just hope that they behave themselves and don't hit on any kids.  They do play a bit rough at times and some kids are not used to that....

Ready For School 2006

New backpacks for the older two... and also lunch boxes.  Sophia has to suffer with the lady bug that Megan used last year.  A new year... some new friends... some new learning.  (...and some rest for the mom)


1. Paola said...

They were so excited...that could hardly sleep and gave us a tremendous night...waking up every hour! I'm glad than yesterday day they all slept through the night....just to make sure I that would happen I took them all for a walking tour through the neihborhood. : )

Matthew is in PK so he is going MOn-Fri 9-12pm. Megan is going 3 days same time. And Sophia 2 days until 12:15pm
The School is a bit far so I spend a lot of the time driving. I do get a couple of hours if I stay in that area....so One of my two days I go to BSF an amazing bible study I attend (exactly the perfect time off on WEd.) And on
Tuesdays I do grocery shopping, bank or post office if needed....if not..and then I have a quiet time outside the school and have time with God ALONE AND in QUITE ENVIROMENT!!!! without interruptions...thatis a wonderful treat for a mother of 3 little ones... We are truly blessed....I always think...that is a lot more than we deserve...Praise the Lord for his faithfulness and mercy and infinite love for us.

Yesterday the kids met their new friends. Matthew was excited because he finally got to play in the play ground for the big kids. Megan had a picnic with her teddy bear and her new teacher and classmates....and Sophia got a bit mad because I dropped her of at last..but she had a blast as well..her teacher said...that she did not cry even once..and that it was obvious that she was used to be around kids...She probably got into a fight on her 1st school day..since some bit her...clearly...but she still seemed super happy when it was time to go home...All were dead tired and that is always good...they took a nap and I was able to cook several meals for the week. : ) Beautiful pictures!

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