Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The other side of the rainbow

After weeks of swim class... sometimes you just want to go home and get away from the pool.  Well at least the big pool.  Maybe start a hunt.... a scavenger hunt for rainbows?  They say there is gold at the end of the rainbow....


But some rainbows do have gold.... but not just any gold.  Golden pineapples from the sky.

Golden Pineapple

So perfect and sweet....  So the moral of the day.... "seek and you will find"....  But we don't always know what we are seeking.... and we never know what we will find.


1. Tanya said...

The dad and the kids in bed was a very nice picture a memory picture. You guys look so cute on every picture have lot of fun and enjoy being with your parents and God's blessings.
we love you.
Tanya, Danny, Robert and Michael James

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