Sunday, June 18, 2006


.....where to begin?  So a couple of days ago some friends gave Matthew a turtle.  Well sure before he got the turtle, there was some begging and promises about how well he would take care of the new family pet....

Not our turtle

So, this is what our turtle looked like... except his eyes where green.  This picture is stolen from the Internet since we did not get a chance to take our own picture or our now former turtle.  So what happened to this turtle?  HE TRICKED ME!!

He looked at me with those sad turtle eyes.... all he wanted was a little fresh air... some dirt under his feet... was that so bad?  ....besides... he is a turtle... its not like he could out run me...

I put him outside in a boxed in area.... under the new playground I am building while I did a little work.  No way that turtle could have climb it..... so I thought.  I came back a few minutes later... and poof... gone.... I searched around and around the area, but to no avail.... that turtle had escaped!!

Oh if only that was the end of the story.  My son was so mad at me.  "Dad, you were supposed to keep an eye on him..."  "Dad, I can not believe how irresponsible you were..."  It almost broke my heart to see my son crying because I had let the turtle get away...

I guess I will have to be more careful with the next pet...


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