Monday, June 05, 2006

Swim Time Again

Its that time of year, and swimming is in the air..... ok, maybe not in the air, but you know what I mean.  I hope.

Swim Time

This year Matthew is not alone.  Megan is also taking swim classes.  We were very lucky that the class was not full, so the teacher for Matthews higher class said she could also make time for Megan (who should be in the beginner class).  I think it helps her out since she is more confident with her older brother around.  Matthew is back in rare form, and doing well in his class.

Matthew Swims the Pool

By the end of this swim session (two weeks) he will be able to swim across the whole pool.  He loves the water.  I wish I could go with them to swim class.  Last year the classes we took were later in the day, so on days that I got out of work earlier I was able to go swimming with them too....


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