Monday, May 15, 2006

Good Morning Daddy

So I started to notice that our kids are starting to copy some of our daily activities.... they watch... they mimic.  They wait for the perfect time to pull out the old "...but I saw you do it..." card.  Which, by the way is an excellent card.  It is usually trumped by the "...well when you are 5, then you can do that..."

....I think I will have to change that strategy soon ... now that Matthew is four! 

Well, lets get to it.... what was I talking about?  Oh yes, they copy us... Here we have morning Sophia going to check her emails just in case there is some important gossip that she needs to be made aware of.

Where are my peeps on the big old Inet!

She throws up that innocent smile, but I know she turned off the monitor so I would not catch her surfing inappropriate sites again.....

Well, after catching up on the old email, its time for a well balanced nutritious breakfast.

Yum Yum

Makes you wonder why they don't just make a big food bucket so you don't have to use those tricky spoons..... After a nice breakfast... its jump on Daddy.... while smiling for the camera.

Get Him!!

I guess the plan here is to weight me down so much that I have back issues and must stay home and play all day....  Not this time girls... Daddy loves you guys!


1. Tammy said...

Look how huge that monitor is next to her! Good grief! Are you blind or what??? They are just adorable!

2. Briam said...

....That is Paola's monitor... :-P

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