Saturday, May 13, 2006

Daddy Donut Day

This past Wednesday it was Daddy Donut Day at the kids school.  A chance to enter the crazy world in which my kids walk every day.... while enjoying the occasional donut.

Part of this tour of duty revolved around the kids creating a work of art that they would give to daddy dearest.  Sophia's artwork was hard to capture since it mostly revolved around drooling and asking me to pick her up....

Matthew on the other hand was a little less than shy.  While we enjoyed our tasty snacks, Matthew was hard at work creating the next  'Rock Your World' master piece. 

Work of Art!

When he was done, he sat back and let me soak in his genious!.... the use of colors... and shapes..... the deep placement of symbolism.... he had capture the essence of life in one single master piece... and he knew it. 

Is it art?

Megan seemed less than enthusiastic about the completed work.  She did not say anything mean... but nice girls never do.  She just kind of nodded but did not seem to truly be impressed. 

Megan's art work was a self portrait.  A self portrait of her hands..... very cute, and on the same page it says "I love to sing songs with my dad."  As nice is that is, I recall Megan mostly asking me to stop singing when she is, so that I can focus on just listening to her...

The works of art are currently under exhibit in the Kitchen Museum of Art.... for a limited time.  A must see for all true art connoisseur.


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