Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Ah a cowgirl's work is never done.  Special today ... it was 'farm' day at the kids school.  They all got a chance to see the farm animals and learn a little bit about farm life. 


 Right away Sophia was put in charge of the animals because of her skills.  Well ok, it was because she had the cute hat. 

Once Sophia was in charge, it was all down hill for Matthew.  All those times Matthew had not let Sophia play with a toy were about to be paid back in full.  Matthew was put to work brushing the animals.

Matthew vs Buro

 Megan was a little luckier.  When ever Sohpia was not watching, Megan would slack.  Just stand there and look pretty... and enjoy the beautiful day. 

Megan Farm

In the end it was not the kids that learned the most.... it was Paola, since she had to go to see these animals three times.... One for each of our kids class. 


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