Friday, April 21, 2006

Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

Another master piece from Paola.  The second cake for the party was Matthew's cake.  It was a spiderman... very nice.  She made a bunch of cup cakes, and turned them into the brick wall.

Spidey Cake

Click, Click, Click on the cake to see more pictures from the party

Oh man that was a long day... Too long... and tiring.  Almost a week has passed and I am still tired. 

An interesting thing happens when kids get presents.... all form and reason goes out the window.  The day of the party was too fun packed to have any time to open presents... so the next morning (very early) the kids started their attack!

Yeah Baby!!!

Have you ever noticed how different boys and girls are.... not just what they want, but the way they react.  ...And I guess it also changes the older they get.  Matthew was a wild man... a storm of shredding paper and tissue!  His dreams are filled with Spiderman, Superman, Power Rangers...etc...  While the parents appreciate the presents that were clothing related... Matthew seems less than enthusiastic about those.

My Cellys blowing up!

On the other hand take Sophia's reaction.  She was a little more cool headed about it.  She examined her gifts... and played with her toys.  She even checked out her new outfits with a smile.  But then.... it was all about calling her girlfriend to chit chat about her big plans now that she was the big UNO!  Her celly was all blowing up! Ring Ring...

I am now starting to see that for ever year that my kids gain.... I gain four or five years.  At first it was subtle with only one kid.  But now with three kids, it is very apparent that at this rate, I will be dead before they hit their teens.  At  least it has been a good life...


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