Friday, April 07, 2006

Art of a Classic Mess

 Once upon a time there was a great contest.... one with the ultimate prize!  The challenge was to build the perfect mess.  A mess that would have lasting effects for days to come...  The winner would wear the title "Mess Master"

And then came the challengers.  First was Matthew.  For over a year Matthew reined supreme in the world of messes that went unchallenged.  Such great messes like the toy room bombing of 2004 and the paint wars of 2005...

I almost have it...

 Matthew starts of strong with with his tools and the sculpting.... Still, it is to early to tell who the judges will choose.

Next we have Megan the Destroyer.  Famous for breaking up Matthew's Lego creations... and ripping pages out of books.  Megan is a strong contender for the title.  Here she is making the perfect blends of mess and potions.  Obviously trying to to find the perfect explosive balance of ingredients.

Just a few more drops...

 And last but not least we have Sophia.  She is new to the game and does not yet have a title.  Although she seems a bit inexperienced with the materials, she is a natural at making a mess.  Unfortunately she does not seem to be enjoying the taste of the mess...

Oh this does not taste good...

So who will be named "Mess Master"?  ...still too early to tell....  and so many messes left to make.  I just hope we survive the tests! 


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