Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Well Mommy is back!  Paola had to go to New York on Saturday to get her passport renewed so she would have it for the immigration appointment on next Monday.  Any other Ecuadorian embassy would have FedExed it there ... so why not fly?

While Paola was out... I had some 'Quality' time with the kids....   ...It really is amazing how Paola does it.  She makes it look so simple.  I did have to work hard to keep my sanity.  The three kids are a handful.  On a couple of occasions, the kids were acting bad... and one or two of the got a spanking... and it was all ".... I wish Mommy was home!!" ... All I could think was " too"

Well Paola was able to get her renewal done without issue and was back on Monday night.  The weather is turning nice again, so that means more outside play time.


.....ah yes.... the old outdoor games.  Wait a minute... I never learned to play hopscotch when I was a kid... and I am pretty sure Sophia does not know how either??!?!?!  Oh well, if I did that I would get yelled at... but all Sophia has to do is smile.... I will have to ask the kids to teach me how to play sometime. 


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