Friday, March 10, 2006

Anger and the Fork

Oh relaxing days.  Nothing like kicking back and enjoying a nice video games without your little sisters around. 

Obviously Matthews game did not go as he had hoped.  I am sure this has happened to all of us.  But then a bad thing happend.... he took his anger out on his sister Megan.  And like any good little girl, Megan ran off....

ran off to hide?  I don't think so.... more like ran off to get a weapon.  Only the adult supervision from a level headed parent could stop this from escelating.... and as you can guess, thats not me.

...but not to worry.  When I got home this day.... all the kids were still alive and unharmed (mostly)

I was able to put back a copy I had from last week, but wont be able to put the missing ones in until I get home on monday.... (I am out of town in Vegas)

....there sure are some mean people in this world with too much free time on their hands...


1. Mike P said...

Hi Briam,

Yeah my blog was hacked too. I'd only just upgraded to v6.0 too!

Fortunately, I had a recent database backup so I only lost one article.

Good luck reinstating your content!

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