Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Christmas past...

I know I still have not caught up on all the Christmas goodness.  And tonight is no different.  Just some tidbits to tide you guys over until I have more time....

For example, did you know that little kids like receiving a severed head in a box? 

Head in a box

So Megan had some great plans for painting the face... combing the hear...etc.  Matthew on the other hand had some crazy ideas involving sharp knives and prisoner demands.

This last Christmas we did try to focus on the real reason for Christmas... but all the kids heard was... only one present to each person!!  We are still talking with their lawyers to dismiss the child abuse accusations.

One Each

...some did break the "One Present" rule this Christmas, and we are looking at next Christmas, breaking into their homes and putting stuff back.

I, on the other hand, received blackmail as a gift.  I know have a monthly payment to an unnamed gift giver.... in order to keep my sorted secrets properly tucked away in the closet.


....thats all I got for tonight.  Soak it in... and reflect.  And keep your "secrets" closet locked up tight!!


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