Sunday, January 15, 2006

Closer to catch up.

You think I would be caught up by now.... or you know me... and you knew I would not be caught up by now...

Not to be outdone... Matthew jumps into the ring.  Ready to go toe to toe to win the title....



Don't worry ... Sophia did not mind getting rid of the hat.  But if you look carefully, you will notice that Megan has some protesting remarks to share....

These pics are a little closer to Christmas... which means that my brother (wife and daughter) were in town.  Maybe it was the stubborn streak in the family... but harsh words soon broke out into some crazy kung fu action!!  ...hopefully time will heal these wounds.

Kung Fu

....and then it happened.  As rare as a solar system alignment of all the planets!!!....  East meets West..... (they live in California....)  Ha Ha .. I kill myself.


Liliana and Sophia.... as different as night and day....  They both seemed very serious to see each other.  More of a curiosity really.  they share half the blood line... and look so different.  But both very cute.


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