Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Of Clowns, Cake, Monkeys, and Daddy's Girl

...What truly makes the world go round?  ....passion for our work... or loving someone.... or being loved.  Oh so close!  I think I have found the perfect formula.... unfortunately the formula is only good for one day.... and as it happens, it was Megan's day..... Not really on the day of her birthday ... but the day the family could get together and celebrate.... this was over a week ago... but I have been busy/lazy.

INGREDIENT ONE:  For the perfect day: CLOWNS!!  I know that some people fear clowns... and it freaks them out.... (Emi?)

Nice Clowns....

Paola got a chance to show of some of her new found skill and put together these darling little (no fear causing) clowns.  The irony here is that they are supposed to make you laugh or smile, but they you are expected to pop their heads of and eat their bodies?  I don't think I will ever understand that part of it.

INGREDIENT TWO:  For the perfect day: A Monkey!!  Well, since we could not get a permit to keep a monkey in the house, we had to do the next best thing.

Monkey Girl

Some kids, when you ask them "What sound does a monkey make?" all they do is make the sound.  But not my little girl.  That question alone triggers a transformation that turns this sweet little girl into a crazed wild monkey!  But no one has gotten hurt, so we have not felt the need to lock her away.

 INGREDIENT THREE:  For the perfect day: Cake!!  Not just any store bought cake.  It must be lovingly hand crafted by the "Mom".  No other substetute allowed.  It would make the formula not work properly.

Yummy Cake

...down to the smallest piece of icing and flowers... made with love. 

....and what is the result of this?  THE PERFECT DAY!!!

Daddy's Girl

A loving family.... and blessing we don't deserve... Thank God that the day did not pass without us appreciating it..... like many we do.


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