Thursday, November 24, 2005

One little, two little, three little Indians.

So a long long time ago, the pilgrims came to this country.  They had a rough time, but like most of us, when we have a hard time, it helps to take everything away from those that try to help us.  So the pilgrims took everything from the Indians, and that is why we now have Thanksgiving day.

Well.... so maybe that's not the whole story, but the important thing here is that I went to my kids Thanksgiving lunch last week.  And they were the Indians.  (some of the other kids got to be pilgrims)

Serious Indian

You would think this picture was of an Indian making that noise (that they always make in the movies) but it is her covering her mouth because she just burped.

I did take some pictures... but they are hidden away in the Gallery section.  But if you are nice to me I will give you a quick link to them.  Well, here is a link anyways:  Thanksgiving

 And lets not forget that Megan also turns 2 TODAY!!!!


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