Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hairy Foot

OK, so today was Megan's birthday party.  And we have a ton of pictures of the fun and cool stuff that went on today.  Oh the fun we had.

...but I don't have those pictures ready yet... so you will have to suffer through the Hairy Feet!!!

That's right you heard me.  The other day, my son had asked me why my feet are so hairy.... and I had not really given it much thought.  I had to buy some winter slippers, as my last had been destroyed by a bizarre mustard GI Joe accident... (I'll tell you later...)

So, what did I buy, but some giant black hairy bear feet.

Hairy Business

....I thought I would use them as a form of punishment.  "Don't be bad or the bear feet will get you..."  But like all good plans that I execute... it failed.  What has it turned in to now?  A game.  "Dad, can we please play Attack of the Bear feet?"

I will have to come up with something more intimidating... maybe a belt or something... let me know if you have any good ideas.


1. Kim said...

Good evening! I have a pair of these slippers I bought years ago and now my girlfriend wants a pair! I got mine @ walmart but can't seem to find them anymore, do you happen to remember where you got yours? Thanks!

2. Briam said...

Funny... I had also gotten these from Walmart and have not seen them there in a long time.

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