Tuesday, November 08, 2005

WARNING: Ugly foot

I apologize for this horrible disgusting picture... but the truth must come out.  I think I broke my toe.... or just very badly bruised it up... top and bottom.... I did swell up a bit... and hurts if you look at it funny...

Bad Toe

So here is what happened:   Matthews troops had already beached my Lego defenses.  He was heading straight for my power grid.  I had sent my to monsters to stop him... but to no avail.  So I did the only thing that I could do.  I grabbed the power core and jumped over the wall (the couch).... unfortunately for me... my cat like prowess were not at its sharpest.  My pinky toe caught the couch top corner on my way down the back side... and my toe did this 90 degree salute thing.... a bit disturbing.

I of course was laughing from the pain and unable to speak coherently.... right about then ... Matthew comes around the corner and pellets me with a barrage of missiles... and then jumps on top of me... thinking we were still playing.  When in reality we were not playing... I was merely laughing to keep back the tears of pain.

[A couple of days have passed .... and the toe is doing better... I still have a slight limp]


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