Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sock Duty

Ah to be young... and to have to do every little thing that your parents tell you to.  You know how in prison, if you break the rules, you are given some terrible work to do.... or when you are newest at a job.. .they give you all the bad chores.

Well, life at our house is a lot like that.  (at least for the kids) 


Here we see worker Matthew.... doing his assigned chores.  I wonder what he did?  Maybe he would not share a toy with his sister?  Maybe he robbed a bank?  It is hard to tell in these situations, and sometimes it is best not to ask (in case it is a violent crime).

Keep Working!!

But he does not seem to complain.  He is just doing his time.  Waiting for the chance to move on to something else... or maybe for a chance to escape.  This would not be the first time.  So, what do you do about the ones that try to escape the "work"?

I'm Watching

Thats when you have to put someone in place to oversee that no one is slacking on the work.... and that no one escapes.  Here we have Megan over seeing the work and making sure that it is getting done properly.  If any attemp by a prisoner is made, it will quickly be followed by a "MOM ... MATTHEW ISNT HELPING ANY MORE!!!"


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