Sunday, October 09, 2005

Cough Cough ... Sniffle Sniffle....

Yes the kids were sick today (not Sophia).  So I stuck around to help take care of them, because I also was not feeling at my best.  So what do a bunch of people do when they are stuck at home sick.... why they sleep and rest...... so that they can get better....


...yes ... as you can see, we were all barely able to lift ourselves out of bed this morning..... and the medications had us immobilized.  Don't you feel the pity for our illness?   We really were sick...... cough cough ... sniff sniff....

When Paola and Sophia got home, Paola took a long long long nap.... like a bear in hibernation..... I was starting to get worried... and had to check to make sure she was still breathing.  Sophia on the other hand was having a great time just watching us being silly..... she is also practicing her sitting up.

Look at me sitting!!

...soon there will be no stopping her..... which pretty much means the end of me.... I can barely keep up with two of these little rug rats let alone three.


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