Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hard Days Night...

I did have to do some more late night work and again some late night work tonight.  But at least I spent some time with my family.  Every day the kids seem so much bigger than before.  Megan is talking non stop, and Sophia seem more and more ready to stand.... but first I guess she should start crawling..... She still kind of just rolls around and pull/pushes herself along.

Look at me!!

She seems very solid and can pull her self up if I hold out my hands to her.  Matthew on the other hand is becoming a handful.  He keeps getting into everything, and sometimes finds it hard to listen to us.... but it is kind of hard to reprimand him when his gives us his innocent face.  Today he helped Paola make some cookies.... they were good...

Serious Cookie Maker...

I hope I get some rest tonight ... and that the work does not last long... I am feeling very drained lately... and Matthew made me promise that I would play fight with him a little in the morning before I go to work.  The kids don't have school this week.... it is their spring break......

Take it easy....


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